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Isn’t it ironic that the more efficient we become and the more time we free up the more we do? This could be one of the reasons that people resist going on a Speed Reading courses, a fear that if you became too effective at what you do you maybe given more, or take on more, than you are already doing…

What if, though, you were able to learn new skills that YOU could decide when and where to use? What if the following problems could be solved:

1. The overwhelming feeling of having to get through the mountain of reading for work/college/school? What do you think when you look at your reading list, the pile of reports/emails/journals or the never ending emails coming in?

2. Remembering what you read? Many people can read quickly enough but trying to recall what they read is an issue. You can typically hear people saying, ‘Oh my memory is like a sieve!’. What if it became more like a sponge or an elephant’s?!! What would that do for you?

3. Being able to get an overview of the material AND the main salient points. Quite often we are trying to get ALL the different types of information at the same time. This can lead to confusion and also missing key points.

4. Exam revision – how much do you need to learn again, revise and remember to get the marks you want? Exams are all about strategies; what do you use and how well does it work for you?

5. What if you do read slowly, worried that if you don’t read every word you will miss the vital pieces of information? This is how we are taught to read at school – skimming or scanning information is somehow deemed ‘cheating’?!! We can get hung up on our limiting beliefs from school.

6. What if you could actually enjoy the time you spend reading, even if it’s for work or education? Rather than a chore reading can become pleasurable, even when it’s for work!

Many of the problems above are typical of what people want to overcome when they come on the Spd Rdng > Ultimate Speed Reading course, and with a 95% success rate, they leave more than satisfied with the new tools and strategies they gain on the course. The additional bonus of doing the course is that you can put these new skills into practice IMMEDIATELY.

I accidentally did the course in 2011. This may sound weird but bear with me..I had organised for Jan Cisek (co-developer of the Spd Rdng course) to come to Ireland and deliver the training as my husband, a very busy exec, wanted to be a faster and more effective reader. When the weekend came about though he had to go to Japan to his company’s HQ. So, I did the course in his place. You can see the YouTube clip of my after completing the course. I was very excited after as I wasn’t expecting to have got so much from it! My husband did the next course we organised and was delighted with the results.

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I now deliver these courses (among several other personal and professional development programmes) and have run many open and in-house trainings. You can join me for the next open course on Sat 30th and Sun 31st Jan in Dublin at The Central Hotel, Exchequer Street. Go to for full details. Minimum age unaccompanied is 16. No maximum age – it’s never too late to learn a new skill! In-house programmes are an excellent way of helping reduce stress levels and increase productivity.

So come and learn how to read more, read faster, remember more and give yourself the gift of time. What you do with that time is up to you!!!

Sara Haboubi, MA, BSc.


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