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Quantum Leaps can now offer clients personal NLP coaching sessions online via Skype. The online coaching sessions are designed to offer clients a flexible appointment from the comfort of their own home or place of work..

The sessions are available to Clients wishing to deal with issues from any area of their personal or professional lives. These sessions are tailored specifically around the Client and the presenting issue as each will be unique. Generally speaking the ‘problem’ that the Client wishes to deal with is in fact a symptom of something much deeper. The first part of a session or indeed sometimes the whole of the first session is used to uncover the true problem underlying the presenting negative behaviour. To find our more visit the Personal Coaching page of our website.

Organising your online coaching session

There are four simple steps to organising your online session:

1. Call or email us now to arrange an appointment time

2. Return to the online coaching page and pay for your session via PayPal

3. On receipt of payment you will receive an appointment confirmation email

4. On the date & time of the agreed appointment call us on Sykpe

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