Policies - Quantum Leaps NLP Training

1 Privacy Policy

When you request information, documents or registration on the website, we may ask you for contact information, personal details and email addresses. We will never disclose information about your individual visits to the site or personal data to any third parties unless we have your prior consent. We do not sell or rent your personal information to others. Unless you decide to opt-out we may use the information to notify you about changes to our website and new services that we believe you will find interesting. If you do not want to receive such mailings, simply tell us when you give us your personal information. Any emails sent to you as an opted-in member of our mailing list will contain a ‘Cancel’ or ‘Update’ link to either request removal from our mailing list or update your contact information.

You can check the information which we hold on you by emailing us at info@quantumleaps.ie, we will send you the information (as held by us) within the appropriate legal time limit and will try to send it within 14 days.

2 Blog Comment Policy

We welcome comments but please consider the reader by ensuring your comments are relevant to the subject of the original blog entry, concise and useful to the typical audience for this web site.

We reserve the right to remove, edit or summarise any comments made on this web site.

If we regard comments as spam, offensive, off-topic, primarily for the purposes of advertising or solely for the purpose of providing back-links to other web sites they will be deleted.

3 Health and Safety Policy

3.1 Atmospheric Conditions and Lighting

Room temperature, humidity, air velocity, radiant heat and fresh air availability will be controlled to ensure participants are comfortable. Heaters and fans will be hired to assist this where deemed necessary by trainers or by feedback from staff or students. Window openings will be used to enable cross ventilation. Lighting will be provided throughout the entire training/work venue, including exits and amenities.

Feedback on comfort and conditions will be invited at the beginning of each training course and at other times as seems needed, and will be accepted at any time during a training.

3.2 Drinking Water

Clean safe drinking water will be available on all trainings.

3.3 Seating

Comfortable seating will be provided in all venues. Where suitable chairs are not provided by the venue, these will be hired.

3.4 General Safety

Fire and emergency egress exits will be clearly identified and kept clear at venues. The trainer will keep a list of all students and staff at the training venue, so that in the event of an evacuation of the venue they are able to check that all persons have been evacuated.

3.5 Portable Electrical Equipment

Portable electrical equipment such as CD players will have connections of a type that cannot be rewired. They will be connected directly or via power boards which are suitable for the purpose, and any extension cords used will not exceed 50 metres in length. Extension cords will be placed out of the way of employee/student movements.

3.6 Assessing Health and Safety Needs

We will ensure that venue adheres to current Health and Safety regulations.

3.7 Psychological Health and Safety Issues

As Quantum Leaps trainings sometimes remind people of issues related to psychological health, staff and students will be asked to report any previous history of psychiatric or neurological conditions, or any current condition of dependence on drugs or alcohol. This information will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Act. All teaching staff are trained to recognise and deal with such issues and with stress related conditions, using NLP and relaxation processes.

3.8 Equal Opportunities

Quantum Leaps ensure that their trainers approach to learners should be with complete integrity, respect and honesty to facilitate and provide an excellent standard of NLP Practitioner theory and practice. The aim of this policy is to communicate the commitment Quantum Leaps and its trainers to the promotion of Equal Opportunities.

Quantum Leaps supports a positive learning ethos for all learners and students to ensure that they get the most out of their learning and the trainers are able to work to the best of their ability, regardless of:

  • Gender, including gender reassignment
  • Marital or civil partnership status
  • Having or not having dependants
  • Religious belief or political opinion
  • Race (including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins)
  • Disability
  • Sexual orientation
  • Age

We are opposed to all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination. All learners, trainers and assistants will be treated fairly and will not be discriminated against on any of the above grounds. Decisions about recruitment and selection, promotion, training or any other benefit will be made objectively and without unlawful discrimination.

We recognise that the provision of equal opportunities in the training environment is not only good management practice, it also makes sound business sense. Our equal opportunities policy will help all those who learn and work with us to develop their full potential and the talents and resources of the trainers, assistants and learners will be utilised fully to maximise the efficiency of the organisation.

3.9 Disability Policy

Where possible, a range of support services or appropriate referrals will be provided to participants with special needs.