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  • Do you feel like a goldfish when you read, forgetting what you have read shortly after?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by how much information you have deal with?

  • Do you feel that you have to read EVERYTHING to make sure that you have understood the key points?

  • Do you get bogged down in detail before you have the big picture?

  • Did you always want to do a speed reading course but didn’t have the time?

What if….

  • you could learn simple and straightforward strategies that would transform the way that you approach what you read?

  • you could learn how to find the RIGHT information and in doing so you became more knowledgeable and informed?

  • you could learn these techniques from the comfort of your own home, with expert guidance online?

This course will teach you a system that will give you:

  • Tools and techniques for reading more strategically, allowing you to choose the right material and find the key information you are looking for quickly and with minimal effort, all of which will save you precious time and energy.
  • Fast and effective strategies that will enable you to reduce your stress levels and help you achieve an optimal state for learning, thinking and creativity.
  • A system for speeding up your brain, opening up greater activity and connection between the working memory/conscious mind and long term memory/unconscious mind, thereby enhancing your thinking power.
  • Methods for enhancing your comprehension of what you are reading, take and make better notes and improve your memory and recall.
  • Ways of identifying patterns between what you know and what you are reading so that new connections and creative solutions can be found more easily.
  • The ability to apply the techniques to any information whether it’s a new or familiar subject, for work/education or pleasure, details or overview is required, technical or jargon heavy material, and to emails, books or reports.

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