NLP Master Practitioner Course - Quantum Leaps NLP Training


NLP Master Practitioner course

During this training you will develop skills in some of the most powerful human development methods available today, including:

Advanced Linguistics, Quantum Linguistics and Prime Concerns

  • Learn how to use advanced language patterns to create powerful change at the unconscious level includes advanced presuppositions, Meta Model III, hierarchy of ideas, linguistics parts integration, de-identification pattern and Time Scramble patterns
  • Learn how to use inductive and deductive language patterns to bypass the critical faculty for improved learning capabilities
  • Discover Prime Concerns in ourselves and others and using the Prime Concerns Null Set to remove barriers
  • Learn the NLP Negotiation Model to negotiate elegantly and maintain rapport
  • Learn the Decision Destroyer process

Meta Programs – as a complex being we have a great variety of programs that run to produce our behaviour

  • Identify your and other’s simple and complex Meta Program giving great insight into a person’s personality profile, find out what makes you ‘tick’. This can also be used to profile job positions to match the person with the job profile.
  • Learn how to change Meta Programs to achieve more resourceful behaviours in certain contexts
  • Discover your and other’s communication processes
  • Learn the Judger Closer technique.

Values Elicitation and Alignment – values are what motivate us to do what we do, they trigger strategies and have numerous beliefs attached to each one

  • Learn how to identify other people’s values quickly and easily by their language
  • Create great leverage for creating the maximum change with the least intervention
  • Discover how to elicit your values and other in all areas of life; relationship, career, personal development, family, spiritual development and health and fitness
  • Learn how to rank values and change values hierarchy to remove outdated ideas and beliefs
  • Learn how to align values of personal and professional groups creating a powerful drive to achieve a common goal

Modeling, Training and Presentation Design – the basis and genius of NLP is modeling

  • Learn how to model excellence, install it in yourself, develop a training program and teach others
  • Learn the 4-Mat system to design universal training that engage and enthuse your audience

Advanced Sub-modalities

  • Includes the Allergy Relief process, Compulsion Blow-Out, and The Learning State

The Relationship Resolution Process – using a combination of NLP and Time Line Therapy™

  • Family Therapy, Couple Counselling and Relationship Counselling strategies

Sleight of Mouth Patterns – advanced reframing techniques

  • Elegant language patterns to overcome any objection

Logical Levels of Therapy and Advanced Strategies

  • Learn how to remove phobias

Additional Elements 

  • Detailed Personal History – Learn how to take a comprehensive detailed personal history of a client that will loosen up their model of the world and give you accurate insights intro the root cause of their problems
  • Past Life Regression – using Time Line Therapy™ techniques to obtain insights from the past and to gain additional resources and information

This is your chance to master the advanced techniques of NLP that will enable you to enrich your personal and professional life in ways you may already have dreamed of.