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Check out the TV3 Ireland AM interview on 7th October 2016 with Sé McCarthy, Prinicpal of St Joseph’s N.S. Rathwire, who piloted this pioneering process in 2013 and have been using it ever since!

Many students with dyslexia are often described as bright and intelligent and yet are struggling with simple skills such as spelling, reading and other literacy or numeracy skills.

Jumpstarting™ is a process that helps students become independent, successful and confident learners by focusing on their strengths and talents rather than their ‘deficits’.

For many students, the phonics systems used to teach reading and spelling is effective but for some it simply does not work. We believe that this is due to a mismatch between how they are taught and how they learn. Those with highly developed or evolved visual processing skills can struggle to process the step by step auditory based system of relating letter/phonemes and sounds. By using a more global learning approach, helping students get into an effective emotional state for learning and investigating their mental imagery skills, we can help a student develop a more effective and efficient learning strategy. Within a short space of time students find that by applying these strategies not only can their learning become easier and more fun, their memory, concentration and focus also improves. The best side effect is that their self-esteem and self-confidence soars, as they find learning less of a challenge and more rewarding.