The Jumpstarting™ Online Courses for Parents - Quantum Leaps NLP Training

Empowering you to help your child.


Check out the TV3 Ireland AM interview on 7th October 2016 with Sé McCarthy, Prinicpal of St Joseph’s N.S. Rathwire, who piloted this pioneering process in 2013 and have been using it ever since!


If your child has a diagnosis, or symptoms of, dyslexia or other learning difficulties, then this course is for you!

Based on the approach and philosophy of Empowering Learning, as developed by Olive Hickmott, this is a great starting point for you and your child. Unlike other programmes, which focus on deficits, this course takes a strengths based approach.

Using the concept of neurodiversity, we begin to understand that all brains are wired differently and that no two people learn in exactly the same way. Unfortunately, school systems are aimed at a ‘one size fits all’ approach, limiting the ability of teachers to be flexible in their teaching of students with different learning styles.

We believe that rather than teachers letting your child down, it is the system that does not cater for those who think and learn differently from the way that they are typically instructed. Therefore, it is down to parents to look at how their children can be helped to learn in a way that suits them.

These courses will give you the tools, strategies and principles that will help and empower you to help your child. Using the simple processes daily, they will help to create and strengthen the neural pathways that will, in a short time frame, help your child become a successful, confident and independent learner.

To date the processes have helped thousands of families and their children to have a better quality of life by reducing the stress around learning. For many students their homework time is greatly reduced (up to 75%!), academic performance goes up and confidence grows exponentially, once they know they are neither stupid nor incapable of learning, but CAN learn in a way that matches their brain strengths and ‘natural’ talents.

In Ireland alone, staff from 25 primary schools have been trained (either fully or key learning support staff) and the results have been amazing. With 97% of teachers feeling that have are inadequately trained to deal with learning differences in the mainstream classes, this quick and easy process has given them the tools to finally help those students in the classroom rather than having the ‘wait to fail’ system that has failed so many students.

If you are keen on helping your child, or are an educator who is looking for new and innovative way to help your struggling students, then enroll now on the online courses and start using the processes immediately.

Listen here to an interview about the process here on Spin1038 Wednesday 4th Oct 2017 – World Dyslexia Awareness Week.