Jumpstarting™ Course - Online Training with Live Webinars - Quantum Leaps NLP Training

Your Online Trainers:

Paula Montie B.Ed. and Sara Haboubi M.A.

The full training is now also available online. This is run as 6 modules, each module is a 1.5 hr webinar that is broadcast live and recorded. Following the course there is then a Q&A webinar/clinic for further feedback and questions.

The flexibility of the online training ensures that there is access to this incredible programme no matter where you are in the world! All the modules are also recorded and available to you afterwards, whether you missed the live broadcast or simply wish to go over the material again.

Any questions and feedback can be emailed to the trainers prior to each module so that these can be addressed as part of the training Q&A section and comments and questions can be raised during the broadcast as they come up too.

This course is suitable for both parents and teachers, as well as anyone who is working with learners of any age that would benefit from making their learning strategies more effective.

Click the link here to see a recent TV interview with Sara Haboubi about the Jumpstarting Literacy and Numeracy process. tv3-images