Jumpstarting™ Literacy & Numeracy Programme for Schools - Quantum Leaps NLP Training

What programmes are available?

What you can expect from the training…


  • No new resources to buy.
  • No need to change your current literacy and numeracy programmes.
  • No extra paperwork.
  • No more stress around students not grasping basic literacy and numeracy skills – you now have an additional way to help them learn.


  • Calmer classes and school with fewer stressed learners.
  • Significant improvements in weekly spelling and maths tests for previously struggling students (for example one student went from 14th percentile to 84th in her standardised reading test!)
  • Less learning support required for struggling students and more time spent in mainstream class.
  • More confident and happier students once they know how to learn!

Here’s how you can get this up and running in your school…

  • Watch: our online videos by Olive Hickmott (the inventor of the process) as well as testimonials from teachers, parents and students talking about their experiences.

  • Get: a 30 min talk to staff on the programme and time for Q&A after. You can also request a demo with a student from your school with this talk – seeing is believing!! (Max distance 1 hour drive). 

  • Send: KEY staff on a full Jumpstarting™ Literacy & Numeracy™ Coaching 2 Day Training – see sidebar for details.

  • Book: your whole school for a live Jumpstarting™ Literacy & Numeracy™ Foundation course.

  • AND…Involve: parents with a 1 ½ hr mini-workshop or by recommending the Jumpstarting™ Online Programs for Parents.